The Brazilian Army’s Land Operations Command (COTER) used the COMBATER constructive simulation system in an exercise for the Army Command and Headquarter Staff School’s (ECEME) first-year Command and General Staff Course (CCEM) this fall. This was the first time COMBATER has been used on the CCEM course.

COMBATER is a constructive simulation system powered by MASA SWORD. It has been adopted by the Brazilian Army and used by COTER for the training of commanders and headquarter staff of ground forces’ large military units. During this exercise, conducted by the highest education institution of the Brazilian Army, many COMBATER features were used to simulate and take advantage of the technical-professional capabilities of the first-year CCEM officers.

The Staff Course exercise objectives were to consolidate knowledge gained during the Ground Force Employment in Offensive and Defensive Operations class, at Brigade and Army Division level. This involved applying military doctrine and developing leadership skills in simulated military environments, with the use of COMBATER.

The exercise was conducted at the ECEME faculty, where first-year students from the CCEM / ECEME were organised in Command Posts and acted as High Command staff members, while the Direction of Exercise and the White Cell, involved controllers and operators of the COMBATER system, who were deployed to the East Training Center facilities.

The remote exercise was carried out under the same methodology used for the ground forces exercises, whereby the Command and Control systems are supported by the 2nd Area Telematics Center (2nd CTA); whilst in the East Training Center, facilities and technical support are provided by the Combat Simulation Division of COTER’s Preparation Command.