QuantaDyn Corporation announced it has been awarded the contract to deliver a QFires Advanced JTAC Training System (AJTS) to be installed at the Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin, Poland. The AJTS provides a high-fidelity, fully-immersive environment critical for training JTACs and JFOs. The training system supports Terminal Control, Terminal Guidance, Close Air Support, Call for Fire, and Joint Fires operations.

Incorporating a 3-meter diameter dome with 220° x 90° FOV, the visual display system features Barco FS35 projectors with dedicated infrared LED for stimulated illumination of NVGs such as PVS-14s. Immersive Display Systems, Incorporated (IDSI) provided the dome. When coupled with QuantaDyn’s software, the visual display system provides simultaneous realistic unaided night views and accurate NVG-aided views.

Customized for the Academy’s Tactical Air Control Party Training Center (TACP TC), the AJTS is furnished with a full suite of virtual, simulated, and form-fit-function devices emulating current JTAC equipment. MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) provides geo-specific simulations with high-fidelity graphics. BSI’s Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) provides the physics-based battle environment with both ground and airborne entities.

In addition to the AJTS installation, QuantaDyn will also provide on-call technical support and remote service through its international Help Desk.

QuantaDyn’s President, Bill Dunn said “This award reflects QuantaDyn’s continued record of providing global training systems that are proven, reliable and interoperable. We look forward to a long relationship with the team at the Polish Air Force.”