Egyptian armed forces have arrived in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to participate in the activities of the Egyptian-Jordanian joint training, Aqaba-4. The training will continue until the 21st of December with the participation of land and naval forces, air defense forces, special forces and military engineers of both countries as part of the joint exercises plan of the armed forces with brotherly and friendly countries.

The training plans include the implementation of many activities and events on land and sea, which contribute to the transfer and exchange of training experiences between the two sides and the implementation of various tasks. It confirms the ability of the participating units to plan, coordinate and work together to meet any challenges or risks that may target the security and stability of the region.

The General Command of the Egyptian armed forces took all measures to implement the plan of loading and transporting strategic forces from the areas of concentration to the ports of loading and arrival in preparation for the start of the training activities.

The Aqaba-4 training comes as a complement to a series of joint exercises carried out by Egypt and Jordan to support military and security cooperation between the armed forces of both countries.