The 162nd Fighter Wing of the Arizona Air National Guard recently took delivery of two reconfigurable flight simulators capable of representing either an F-16C block 30 SCU 9.0 or a block 40 M7.1 actual aircraft. The training devices incorporate a total of 30 channels of VRSG, 3D terrain, and 3D models.

Pilots began training on the simulators this week at the Tucson Air National Guard Base, Arizona. Each simulator uses 15 VRSG channels in an immersive virtual cockpit to simulate multiple views: out-the-window; embedded HUD, HMD/HMIT; real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) in the central display unit (CDU); ground map radar; targeting pod and maverick missile displays. These F-16 simulators have the same configuration as the ones also recently delivered to Kelly Field, Lackland AFB.

Included in the 3D terrain is MetaVR's virtual replica of Tucson International Airport (KTUS), which was built from 15 cm per-pixel source imagery of the airfield area blended into 1 mpp underlying imagery of its CONUS++ terrain.