VSTEP partnered with Captain AI to be a part of the future of autonomous shipping.

Captain AI co-founder and CEO Vincent Wegener explained the urge of this new technology: “Autonomous shipping will revolutionize the shipping and port related industries. Currently more than 75 percent of marine casualties are due to human error and autonomous shipping will significantly reduce these errors. Additionally, the economics of autonomous shipping are clear; the crew makes up 10-to-30 percent of the total shipping costs. Reducing these costs will make the shipping industry more efficient. Captain AI will work closely together with the VSTEP to make safe and efficient autonomous shipping a reality.”

VSTEP Technical Director Steve Claes said, “Captain AI is pioneering an autonomous shipping solution based on state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms. By using our cutting edge NAUTIS simulation software, we can assist Captain AI in validating their latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms.”

VSTEP will be investing in Captain AI together with POST&CO.