IXTROM has launched Visualization, Modeling and Simulation Collective Training Management and Awareness System (IXVMS), a next-generation training and simulation solution that prepares soldiers for the challenges of modern warfare.

IXVMS is the first, IXTROM says, of a new, next-generation software designed to modernize the training capabilities of U.S military forces while enabling interoperability with multiple participants across multiple domains, while keeping their rights, roles and authorities in real time and securely.

IXVMS is a web-based collaborative training and exercise platform providing an organizational approach to support planners in the design and execution of modeling and simulations. IXVMS provides an intuitive and quick-flowing approach to operational information management and the development of exercise planning and execution in order to develop concepts and training objectives. Objectives are then prioritized with explicit resourcing conditions while participants are given rights and restrictions according to their role and responsibility within the exercise's organizational structure. The solution enables various groups and organizations from multiple domains – land, maritime, air, cyber, civilians, organizations and others – to interoperate and work together, thereby maximizing the likelihood of mission success.

The platform is a multifunctional and streamline solution that is adaptable to all types of exercises to create, modify and execute different scenarios from any perspective. Military leaders can analyze every aspect of each scenario in real time to effectively achieve exercise objectives. The training elements can be changed and new ones added "on the fly" as the simulation unfolds to improve tactical and strategic proficiency and real-time decision-making. It is a mobile, rapidly deployable system and is interoperable with all other agencies and elements including the command, control, battle management and communications systems.