Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), released the latest updates to VBS3, VBS Blue IG, VBS Simulation SDK and VBS IG SDK.

The latest updates to VBS3 significantly expand the 3D model library, and provide new capabilities including improved interaction with simulated vehicles and equipment, as well as a refactored interoperability gateway, voice communications system and mission planning tool.

BISim also has released updates to VBS Simulation SDK. The latest version includes new samples, improved documentation and new APIs for interacting with Control AI, VR devices, particle effects and more. It also includes updates to Gears Studio Pro, which includes developer workflow improvements.

The latest version of VBS Blue IG expands its capabilities to enhance the realism of joint fires and close air support training use cases. The updates also provide deeper integration between VBS Blue IG and VBS3, which can already serve as a simulation host for the whole-earth image generator. Along with the release VBS Blue IG, BISim also released another new set of APIs for VBS IG SDK, including new APIs for creating custom sensors and integrating with VR input devices.