SCALABLE Network Technologies Inc. (SCALABLE) released QualNet 9.0 and EXata 7.0. This release of its advanced network modeling and simulation tools offers new capabilities in the area of Indoor Urban Propagation Model, Parallel Enterprise Switch Model, Cyber Tools, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Encryption Device Model. This release integrates NDT, QualNet and EXata product lines and provides its customers with the freedom to add functionality modularly. In addition, enhancements have been implemented in the area of 802.11ax, MIMO, LTE performance, visualization, ITM model and packets attack models, which provide a wider range of simulation and analysis options than in previous releases.

Some new features of QualNet 9.0 and EXata 7.0 include Cyber Tools for expanded capability to model vulnerabilities and user behavior on host nodes and Cyber Tools for Encryption Device Model, which provides the ability to model VPN security on mobile and fixed nodes to analyze traffic flows and quality of service.