Day-by-day highlights of real-time tweets from the I/ITSEC 2018 conference in Orlando, Florida provide glimpses of this multi-faceted event. (Caution: you may notice a VR helmet or two in the photos.)

@MST_Magazine and Editor Rick Adams (@AvTrngEditor) were by far the most prolific posters during the event with more than 600 tweets and retweets.

26 November 2018

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 26 Nov 2018
RSI's Epic-Dome visual display, #IITSEC booth 1901

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 26 Nov 2018
My favorite space tech visual display dome - Simthetiq #IITSEC booth 1026

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 26 Nov 2018
A Huntington Ingalls engineer has developed "Person of Interest" style object recognition. What training might you use it for? #IITSEC booth 1215

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 26 Nov 2018
Huge crowd watches a demo at VT Mak #IITSEC booth 1413

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 26 Nov 2018
Diamond Visionics is showing new water features, including subsurface, at #IITSEC booth 2049

Collins Aerospace‏ @CollinsAero 26 Nov 2018
NEWS FROM #IITSEC: Our newly-launched Griffin™-2 visual system makes a leap forward in scene realism for more effective fast-jet pilot training. 

Lockheed Martin‏ @LockheedMartin 26 Nov 2018
Excited to be at #IITSEC this week to share about our latest simulation and training #tech! Here’s one example — our Deploy3D offering.

CAE Defence‏ @CAE_Defence 26 Nov 2018
You're looking at #IITSEC @iitsec golf tournament champs with reps from @CDRmagazine @CDR_Editor @MST_Magazine @avtrngeditor & @CAE_Inc

27 November 2018

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
Love that the #USAF Simulator Program Office uses the iconic #Link Blue Box in its logo, #iitsec

Nate Hatfield‏ @No_McCoy_ 27 Nov 2018
My cadaver friend at #IITSEC . Stop by booth 1909 to see our medical augmented reality training system.

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 27 Nov 2018
Congratulations @Barco for Outstanding innovative product! #IITSEC #militarytraining #techtuesday

Bihrle‏ @bihrleresearch 27 Nov 2018
Excited to be part of this year's Congressional Tour @iitsec 2018! @RepRutherfordFL, @RepStephMurphy, @RepJackBergman, and VA's own @BobbyScott, thank you for stopping by, it was truly an honor! And to Dr. Linda Brent, thank you for all you do! #IITSEC2018 #IITSEC

Digital Projection‏ @dprojection 27 Nov 2018
Attending @iitsec this week? Be sure to stop by the Digital Projection Booth# 1908 and see the world's first #8K DLP projector, the #AwardWinning INSIGHT LASER 8K, new E-Vision 4K, and the X-Vision WQ LED+IR on display. Transform your #training and #simulation environments!

Rep. Stephanie Murphy‏ @RepStephMurphy 27 Nov 2018
I led a bipartisan delegation to the @iitsec conference in #Orlando, which shows the cutting-edge work the modeling, simulation & training community is doing to confront defense & domestic challenges. Orlando is the world leader in this field, and I’ll keep working to support it.

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
Adm Chris Grady at #IITSEC - "Treat every day as if it is the last day of peace."

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
CAE Rising,  #IITSEC

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
BG Sloane, PEOSTRI - 25 simulated battlefields before the soldier actually gets into the fight - #iitsec

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
Words of the week at #iitsec - agile, disruptive, "Great Powers Competition," and "unattanium"?

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
RADM Kyle Cozad, USN - "We need to move from rote memorization to performance-based learning." #iitsec

ITEC 2019‏ @ITEC_Event 27 Nov 2018
MGen Mullen, USMC: "We have to make training as hard as possible. I want my marines to fail. We have to make them fail. So when they get to the live environment, they're as good as they can possibly be." #IITSEC

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
One major prime is probably not the contracting model of the future" - MajGen Michael Fantini, USAF acquisition at #iitsec

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
Deja vu? "How do we break the stovepipes of the Services?" Fred Drummond, dep asst secdef at #IITSEC.

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 27 Nov 2018
Stan Deal, CEO @Boeing Global Services, #IITSEC industry keynote: "Training is the pivot point between success and failure."

28 November 2018

Jeffrey A. Raver‏ @raverja1 28 Nov 2018
Congratulations to the @saic FDTPS team for winning the @MST_Magazine Outstanding Service and Support Program Award. Well done. Congratulations also to the SITE and PTN programs, finalist for Outstanding Innovative Product. #RedefiningIngenuity #IITSEC

IDSI Atlanta‏ @IDSI_Atlanta 28 Nov 2018
Stop by booth # 1273 at #iitsec and check out our new VisionStation 3 - a custom spherical display solution partnered with @FlyPFC & @Barco

CAE Defence‏ @CAE_Defence 28 Nov 2018
Thanks to @halldalegroup @MST_Magazine @avtrngeditor for spending time with @CAE_Defence execs during #IITSEC for our annual roundtable discussion in military training & sim trends

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 28 Nov 2018
Have you stopped by the @presagis booth? You have to try their #VR demo! They’re over at booth 2427! #iitsec #simulation #technology

MASA Group‏ @masagroup 28 Nov 2018
Are you interested in simulating wild fires? If so, come and meet us booth 2459 this afternoon and ask our team of experts for a personalized demo! @iitsec @IITSEC_Exhibits @masagroup #wildfire #simulation #training

CapitalCommunication‏ @MyC3Orlando 28 Nov 2018
Visit PULAU Corporation at Booth 2649 at @iitsec. #WeLoveOurC3Clients …

QuantaDyn‏ @QuantadynCorp 28 Nov 2018
Proud to announce we will deliver JTAC training to Slovenian Armed Forces #JTACs #training #jointfires …

Holovis‏ @HolovisInt 28 Nov 2018
We’re demoing our #AR capability for #training at #IITSEC this week, DM if you’d like to meet with the team and we’ll book you an appointment

Trideum Corporation‏ @Trideum 28 Nov 2018
#TeamTrideum is a proud sponsor of the 2018 #IITSEC 5K. Great job to all the participants, organizers and volunteers! #SolvingtheWorldsToughestChallenges with a #ServantsHeart

UFA, INC.‏ @UFA_INC 28 Nov 2018
Ever wonder how Controllers train? Visit us at #IITSEC booth 1920 to learn about our industry leading Air Traffic Simulation products! #AirTraffic #Simulation

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 28 Nov 2018
Rockwell Collins just launched their SecureOne User-defined Cross Domain Guard #iitsec #militaryTraining #CyberSecurity 

RSi Visual Systems‏ @RSiVisuals 28 Nov 2018
This year we brought our epic-Dome Visual Display System to #iitsec. Come by booth 1901 to check it out!

BAE Systems Air‏ @BAESystemsAir 28 Nov 2018
Giving fast jet pilots the information they need to make quick, accurate decisions is at the heart of ensuring combat readiness. Find us on Stand 2161 at @iitsec to find out about our revolutionary wearable cockpit technology. #IITSEC 

BISimulations‏ @BISimulations 28 Nov 2018
Serious Simulations is demoing new software that enables motion capture and other tracking technologies to utilize natural human motion to animate the avatars in a VBS experience, in real time. See demos today at our booth #2235 during #IITSEC. Read more: 

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 28 Nov 2018
MISSIONFIT - @FlightSafetyInt’s new “looking glass” FTD. Change aircraft configurations in seconds. #IITSEC booth 1401. Read details in the new issue of @MST_Magazine - 

Pennant‏ @PennantPLC 28 Nov 2018
Day 2 of @iitsec and this Navy visitor was keen to try out the Pennant VPTS! Why not have a go and experience our parachute trainer? Visit us on stand 325 #VPTS #IITSEC2018 #parachute #VR

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 28 Nov 2018
A truly immersive VR experience - Aperium's smart treadmill in the @Presagis #IITSEC booth 2427. May not look like much to the observer, but strap on the helmet and you're in a different world.

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 28 Nov 2018
Congratulations to @CAE_Defence’s Dothan Training Center for winning the Outstanding System Integration Project! #MST2018Awards #iitsec #MilitaryTraining

ITEC 2019‏ @ITEC_Event 28 Nov 2018
The ITEC duck is really doing the rounds today. This time welcoming @TernionCorp, another new exhibitor to #ITEC2019. We're looking forward to seeing their exhibition of FLAMES® and custom simulation services in #Stockholm #IITSEC

29 November 2018

CM Labs - Vortex‏ @vxsim 29 Nov 2018
CM Labs is focused on innovation through collaborative R&D. Touche Technologies has integrated their force-feedback steering wheel into Vortex Studio, giving users a realistic haptic steering option to match their high-fidelity simulations. Try it at #IITSEC booth 2235.

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 29 Nov 2018
Thales is using eye-track technology to monitor performance of helicopter pilots in simulators, #iitsec

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 29 Nov 2018
Check out all of these IITSEC exhibitors that were awarded the JPM MMS Virtual Patient Simulator System (VPSS) contract. @CAEHealthcare, Innovative tactical training solutions, @KGSTraumaFX, @laerdalmedical, @opexinc, @Simulaids, @syndaver! #IITSEC

SGS Challenge‏ @sgschallenge 29 Nov 2018
The 2018 Best Government Game Award goes to Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy (DAARC) by @VeteransHealth Administration Employee Education System-eLearning. #medical #IITSEC #SeriousGames #SGSCWinner

CAE Defence‏ @CAE_Defence 29 Nov 2018
As @iitsec comes to an end, crowds are still gathering to watch our CAERise demonstration. #iitsec #iitsec2018

Vricon‏ @TheGlobeIn3D 29 Nov 2018
Gen. Maria Gervais, of the @usacac, was in our booth yesterday. We're sharing our solutions for bridging the gap between geo-typical and geo-specific data for realistic training at @iitsec this week, in Booth 681. #IITSEC #OneWorldTerrain 

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 29 Nov 2018
Bravo !

CAE Defence @CAE_Defence
The winner of our Skills Competition, Capt Patrick Duffey, who is donating the value of his prize (1,000$) to Preflight Aviation Camp - preparing girls to takeoff. @iitsec #iitsec #iitsec2018

Huntington Ingalls Industries‏ @HIIndustries 29 Nov 2018
Miriam Angello of HII Technical Solutions, demonstrates C-ARTS Virtual Reality familiarization training to a student during the #STEM day portion of I/ITSEC conference. #IITSEC @iitsec

ECS‏ @Ecsorl 29 Nov 2018
Come see our Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation (TC3Sim) medical trainer integrated with @HaptX glove technology, PM Cargo Aircrew and Maintainer Trainer, & @FN_America Expert Marksmanship training utilizing @magicleap mixed reality headsets at Booth 1135 at #IITSEC by 3PM!

Raytheon‏ @Raytheon 29 Nov 2018
Our Persistent #Cyber Training Environment demonstration shows how the military can train its service members simultaneously across branches.  #IITSEC

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 29 Nov 2018
Congratulations to @bohemiainteractive’s President, John Givens, for winning the first ever MS&T Pioneer award! #MST2018awards #IITSEC

Northrop Grumman‏ @northropgrumman 29 Nov 2018
#DYK training in #VR results in 80% knowledge retention compared to traditional learning methods? With our immersive AR/VR technology, we are ensuring our warfighters are mission ready - anytime, anywhere.  #NorthropGrumman #TrainingAndSimulation #IITSEC

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 29 Nov 2018
Mikael Hogstrom of @Saab fires a simulated M4 antitank weapon on the ground combat indoor trainer, #iitsec booth 2449

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 29 Nov 2018
SOW Thall of the Swiss Army demonstrates @RUAG_Group's Gladiator instrumented harness and helmet for urban ops training for @MST_Magazine, #IITSEC booth 2411

AVADirect‏ @AVADirect 29 Nov 2018
Stop by the @Boeing booth at #IITSEC18 to test out flight simulation powered by #AVADirect custom pcs! #IITSEC

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 29 Nov 2018
Cheers from MS&T’s editorial team! #iitsec has been a smashing success. Visit us at booth 1933 for the last day of exhibits tomorrow. @avtrngeditor

30 November 2018

Trideum Corporation‏ @Trideum 30 Nov 2018
The National Training and Simulation Association announced this evening that #TeamTrideum's Operations Manager, Matt Spruill, will be next year's #IITSEC Deputy Program Chair; a role that means he will be the conference chair in 2022.

MS&T Magazine‏ @MST_Magazine 30 Nov 2018
United Technologies completes acquisition of Rockwell Collins to create Collins Aerospace Systems!

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 30 Nov 2018
5mm resolution! @metavr image generator demonstrated at #IITSEC

Rick Adams‏ @avtrngeditor 30 Nov 2018
Trying to find our house near the shore of Lake Geneva on Begira's highly detailed simulation database, #IITSEC

Chris Tamez‏ @tamezsoftware 30 Nov 2018
MoOne big takeaway from #IITSEC? Small entities CAN challenge larger/reigning entities, and that should be celebrated.

The M&S Classroom‏ @MandSatMIT 30 Nov 2018
The next great training platform is virtual reality. There were plenty of VR simulators at @iitsec this year! @HCPSMonroe @TampaBaySTEM @HCPSCTAE #mitsteamforall @seriousgame from the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge!