MetaVR participated in Air Force Academy Industry Day on March 8, 2019, at the Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The purpose of the event, hosted by the Department of Military & Strategic Studies, was to provide the department with an opportunity to perform market research on potential vendors for an anticipated renovation of the academy's war gaming, modeling and simulation lab.

With business partners Battlespace Simulations (BSI), and Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI), MetaVR will demonstrate its image generator, VRSG, and its 3D content in a COTS solution. The COTS solution also features IDSI's new VisionStation 3 spherical desktop display, which surrounds a pilot trainee in a 1.8-meter diameter, 220-degree horizontal by 55-degree vertical immersive environment, and BSI's Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) for scenario generation, pilot/role player simulation, electronic warfare simulation, and 9-Line, 5-Line and Call for Fire simulation.

This collaborative solution can be used to simulate a wide variety of weapons systems, from fighter and bomber aircraft to electronic warfare and air battle management stations, and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) and the full range of Joint Fires simulation.