Phantom Works, the advanced research and development unit for Boeing, has purchased a VT MAK One Enterprise license for VR-Vantage IG. Phantom Works is taking advantage of VT MAK One to license VR-Vantage IG for use inside reconfigurable cockpit simulators in five separate sites worldwide.

VR-Vantage IG provides Phantom Works with a set of image generation capabilities. Its software is used to render out-the-window scenes for first-person simulators. Its open architecture was designed from the ground up to offer flexible, high-performance visualization tools.

It can procedurally generate terrain directly from source data including elevation, imagery, land use classification and features. It also allows for procedural generation of textures from land use data, which provides higher effective resolution and eliminates artifacts such as baked-in shadows, cars and trees.

Textures for each land-use classification can change based on season and location. VR-Vantage IG can auto-material classify global terrains based on land-use data and feature data to enable accurate infrared sensor views.

VR-Vantage IG is capable of procedural generation of airports from X-Plane/Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File airport descriptions, including geo-specific runways, markings, taxiways, signs and lights. It also generates millions of trees and other vegetation directly on the GPU, based on land use rasters or aerial features.

Customers can use the image generator to create and render high-performance buildings, roads, etc. based on OpenStreetMap data for the whole world, including cut-in roads. They can also procedurally add detail and quality to the world by adding procedural geometric noise to the elevation data, and by adding convincing bump-maps based on slope and elevation of mountains.

Built-in support for DiSTI’s GL Studio allows customers to build and prototype various cockpit instrument and tactical systems, critical for deploying reconfigurable flight simulators.

The image generator is built to be deployed on a variety of COTS hardware configurations from simple desktops to multi-channel displays for virtual cockpits, monitor-based training systems and AR/VR components. VR-Vantage IG APIs make it possible to accommodate any training, simulation or mission rehearsal requirements. This approach also supports compatibility with current, existing applications.