The investment into the Whinny Hill, Catterick, training area’s urban operations training facility has created a more challenging training environment for the armed forces and emergency services personnel who use it. The upgrade has created a more realistic environment for troops carrying out modern day military training in the area.

The new facility consists of 13 buildings constructed from purpose-built reconfigurable containers. The single and two-story buildings have a variety of access points and forced entry points. A further multi-story building provides helicopter and rope access training.

Working with BeaverFit Ltd and industry partner Landmarc Support Services, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) delivered the project in two phases, the first finished in October 2018 and the second completed in March 2019. The facility remained operational throughout the construction period so that the impact on vital military training was minimised.

Claire Travis, project manager from Landmarc, commented: “The buildings have been designed with facades to add realism and internal room layouts that are reconfigurable to enable different challenges for defenders and attackers.

“One of the key challenges was to ensure that the existing urban training facility remained operational whilst the project was delivered. This required close collaboration with DIO and our contractors to de-conflict the training areas during vehicle movements and the final delivery of the containers, which were manufactured off-site to provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution.”

Maj. Gen. Tim Hyams said: “Whinny Hill is the principal sub-unit urban training facility in the North of the U.K. and the enhancements made here will develop further our ability to prepare for operations in complex urban terrain.”