Members of the U.S.. Army's Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team, working with industry partners, will provide Army aviators an opportunity to test prototype helicopter trainers and offer their comments during a user assessment from April 8-12 on Fort Carson, Colorado.

The soldiers will assess prototypes of the Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer-Air (RVCT-A), a modern virtual training capability representing the Army's range of aviation platforms. When fielded, it will allow formations to conduct collective training from squad through brigade level.

"This user assessment is about getting the technology into the hands of soldiers early and often to capture their feedback so we can better refine the requirement," said Maj. Gen. Maria Gervais, director of the Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team. "Our industry partners, simulations experts, engineers and testers will be there with us so we can collaboratively refine requirements and develop solutions in an iterative way and streamline the acquisition process."

The Army conducts assessments as part of a more flexible acquisition approach made possible under Title X Other Transaction Authority to carry out certain prototype, research and production projects. Working through OTA contracts enables the Defense Department to develop capabilities more rapidly and determine earlier in the process what capabilities meet soldiers' needs.

The RVCT-A, when integrated with other trainers, software and interface tools, will comprise the Synthetic Training Environment. The STE will better replicate the operational environment, enable multi-domain training from squad to Army Service Component Command level, and be delivered wherever training needs to occur.