Aeronautical Systems Engineering, Inc. (ASE) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019. Over the years, ASE has delivered training solutions all over the world for flight academies, training centers, universities, FAA Part 135 charter operations, global armed forces, and other industries within aviation. Recently completed was a Business Jet Class ASE 2000 Level D Full Flight Simulator for a FAA Part 142 Training Center.

Looking to the future, ASE plans to expand its training and simulation solutions to the growing needs of the aviation industry. As the world continues to benefit from better connectivity, the International Air Transport Association projects aviation markets to grow by millions of new passengers in the next several decades. As the need for pilots continues to grow, the training industry will require state-of-the-art training solutions and simulators that can handle constant performance with minimal cost to the training centers. ASE is poised to help meet that demand with innovation and high-fidelity solutions.