SimiGon has commenced an Augmented Reality (AR) research programme (the Programme) with the Israel Air Force (IAF). The Programme will utilise SimiGon's R&D investments in the Virtual Reality (VR) and AR domains with respect to aircraft maintenance training by providing the invaluable ability to test and refine technologies in the demanding, up-tempo operational environment of the IAF.

SimiGon designed and developed AR and VR enhanced products and technologies that will be used by the IAF in the research programme with the IAF providing logistical support and subject matter expert feedback.

SimiGon Vice President of Research and Development, Hagai Piechowicz, said: "SimiGon's training technologies will be making a great leap forward with this Programme. Our R&D team will rapidly design, develop, prototype and test our newest training technologies for the AR and VR aircraft maintenance environment in the IAF F-16 squadrons."

SimiGon President and CEO, Ami Vizer, said: " Working closely with the end users in the field, our engineers will gain greater insight into how to better apply our R&D efforts and technologies to this and other domains."