Antycip Simulation, who was tasked by the University of Lille to handle the complex integration for TORE (The Open Reality Experience), has recently released a video that gives an idea to viewers of the possibilities offered by this 3D virtual space. It is a visualisation space that Antycip says surpasses the benefits of the existing CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). Designed and installed by Antycip Simulation, TORE provides a complete state-of-the-art Augmented Virtuality (AV) platform suitable for a variety of educational, industrial, architectural and R&D projects.

Hosted within the Imaginarium in Tourcoing (France), TORE is managed by a team of experts from the University of Lille, and allows researchers, architects, teachers and industy alike to benefit from the Virtual Reality (VR) platform.

With 4-by-8-by-8-meter dimensions, TORE is integrated over a two-floor superstructure and is made of 10-by-30-milimeter thick bespoke curved acrylic ‘petals’ manufactured by Antycip Simulation.