Cobham has been selected by Boeing to supply the complete oxygen system for its T-X Trainer aircraft. The system is comprised of Cobham’s SureSTREAM oxygen concentrator, pilot breathing regulators and a back-up oxygen system with fill valve.

SureSTREAM improves oxygen delivery and pilot safety by automatically adjusting the concentration of oxygen delivered to the pilot during flight. The system meets the oxygen system operating requirements for the Advanced Pilot Training Program specifications for the T-X Trainer. With pilot safety as a core business, Cobham continues to invest in next generation technology to better protect pilots by meeting individual physiological demands of oxygen. This system will not only address the current requirements, but will be capable of spiral upgrades as new technologies, such as pilot breathing sensors, are introduced in the future.

“Cobham has invested private venture funding, which uniquely positions us in the market to provide a compliant oxygen system that meets T-X requirements,” said Jim Barber, president of Cobham Mission Systems. SureSTREAM is commercially available and offers reduced risk with flight proven pedigree on three other military aircraft.

 “Using dynamic composition control and advanced communication capabilities, SureSTREAM meets MIL-STD-3050 oxygen schedule requirements, which outlines the latest safety requirements for aircrew breathing systems, to assure adequate breathable quality oxygen is being supplied at all times under the most extreme flight conditions,” said Derek Woods, Product Line director, Pneumatic Systems at Cobham Mission Systems. The SureSTREAM enhanced capability concentrator is the central building block towards Cobham’s goal of developing an auto response guided oxygen system, ARGOS.