Collins Aerospace Systems has been selected by Saab to provide key power and controls systems for the Boeing T-X trainer, including the aircraft’s Power Take Off (PTO) shaft, Auxiliary Power Engine Control Unit (APECU), engine start system and Main Electric Power Generation System (MEPGS). Collins Aerospace announced in January that it would supply its ACES 5 ejection seat to Boeing for the U.S. Air Force contract, along with the platform‘s fully integrated landing gear system.

The shafts are used to transmit power from the engine to the Aircraft Mounted Accessory Drive Gearbox. Collins Aerospace’s PTO shaft for the Boeing T-X is constructed with state-of-the-art diaphragm flexures intended to provide high reliability with no required maintenance.

Collins Aerospace’s APECU is a full-authority, advanced electronic controller that controls, monitors and diagnoses all phases of auxiliary power and engine start system operation. The controller also transmits fault and maintenance information to the aircraft systems through redundant communication buses. Collins Aerospace’s engine start system includes a Starter Control Valve and Air Turbine Starter that converts pneumatic power, supplied by the APU and controlled by the starter control valve, into mechanical shaft horsepower to start the engine. The MEPGS will feature Collins Aerospace’s integrated drive generator and digital controls technology to deliver highly reliable constant frequency power.