Team Orlando has taken the lead to create a Launch Pad forum where industry, academia and government participants can display their latest and greatest technologies to conference attendees, to include key government acquisition stakeholders, with focused presentations during I/ITSEC 2019. The objective is to showcase innovative and disruptive initiatives that may be included in future acquisition efforts.

This is the second year of the Launch Pad initiative. Based on comments from key leaders during past I/ITSECs, there is a desire to create a venue to showcase new technologies that could transform the way NTSA conducts future training. The company is seeking disruptive game changing solutions (things, processes, applications), which after introduction, makes the current market obsolete and eventually displaces established competitive solutions or alternate approaches. The new technology may be something that is in the early development stage, or something that comes from a non-traditional source that has not been included in previous acquisition efforts.

The Launch Pad initiative will target both I/ITSEC attendees and also select government acquisition stakeholders. Current acquisition programs as well as Science and Technology programs will be at I/ITSEC to assess Launch Pad technologies depending on the technology readiness levels of responses submitted. Speed to the market is a key acquisition principle, and Launch Pad will provide an opportunity to highlight technology that may be appropriate for rapid prototyping/rapid fielding acquisition initiatives.

NTSA is looking at a two-phased approach to creating this venue: 1) a public demonstration on the show floor and 2) an invitation-only conference room demonstration.

The public demonstration affords the opportunity to showcase technology/processes to a larger audience, one that a non-traditional source may not normally encounter. Launch Pad will provide a demonstration space with a 220 volt power receptacle and a six-foot table. A 50-inch monitor will be available for display, as well as two microphones (one wired). The session should consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute question and answer period. Up to 10 public demonstrations will be selected.

The invitation-only demonstration addresses an important area of concern regarding the safeguarding of intellectual property. The Launch Pad initiative will also utilize non-disclosure agreements. Launch Pad will provide a conference room for a live demonstration/presentation (no more than 30 minutes), and work to vet an attendee list with the chosen participant.

Selected participants will conduct a public or invite-only demonstration based upon their desired format identified in their submission.

Participants from Industry, Government and Academia will provide white paper proposals for evaluation utilizing the NTSA abstract submittal tool. CDR Nick Hackard, the only person with access to the abstract submittal tool, will review the proposals, remove company identifications where possible, and provide the proposals to a review team for blind-evaluation. The invite-only proposals can be submitted via email to