By invitation of the Austrian Ministry of Defence, this year's NATO MSG Symposium (MSG-171) will take place in Vienna, Austria. The meeting, which will be held from 24 to 25 October 2019 within the historic setting of the National Defence Academy, is open to M&S professionals from NATO, partner countries and other invited nations.

Under the topic, "Towards the Next Generation Synthetic Battlespace", experts from the military, industry and science will describe how M&S systems need to be modernized in order to represent the complex and contested future operating environment and effects. The contributions will cover the full spectrum of expected challenges: cyber, influence/information operations, space, autonomous systems, C4ISR and military-civilian decision support, human behaviour, climatic conditions and simulation architectures.

The conference will be co-chaired by Col. Wolfgang Kralicek, Austrian MoD and Mr. Wim Huiskamp, TNO.

For further details contact Illeana Ganz, Collaborative Support Office,