From 2020 onwards, ITEC will now be known as: IT²EC: International Training Technology Exhibition & Conference.

ITEC has served the military training community for more than 30 years, establishing itself as Europe’s premier exhibition & conference in this space. The event has experienced a challenging period over the past 3-5 years, reflected in difficulties maintaining/growing the exhibition footprint.

The event is often compared unfavourably with the NTSA’s I/ITSEC tradeshow in North America, with exhibitors and visitors increasingly choosing ‘one’ rather than ‘both’. In response, ITEC needed an authentic point of differentiation to re-establish and cement its place in the market.

ITEC no longer represents a traditional military tradeshow, and is embracing the new direction the industry it taking it. Four recent shifts in participant profiles have been identified including an exhibitor base with more technology-oriented startups and SMEs, industry trends with increasing parallels with consumer technologies e.g. gaming/VR (virtual reality), end-user profiles where core customers/buyers are the actual technology users, and DisTec, which is growing interest in/from disruptive technology providers.

Attendees will notice one recurring theme: technology. Given its growing importance in underpinning current and future solutions, the conference has placed it alongside training at the very heart of its identity.

To eliminate confusion, IT²EC can still be pronounced as “ITEC”. The conference will use IT²EC wherever possible in brand assets and across communication channels, but elements such as website domains and email aliases will remain unchanged.

As part of this refreshed identity, IT²EC has partnered with RiVR – a virtual reality production company – to expand its digital marketing activities. This will include various animations, VR experiences and other dynamic content. As official Technology Partner at the event, RiVR will run a live technology lounge feature on the showfloor and offer VR/video services to clients as part of an expanded exhibitor care programme. More information on this partnership will follow in the coming months.

IT²EC will be working with key media partners and its new Technology Partner to effectively communicate the new identity with its audience. It is by no means a radical rebrand, but a deliberate shift in focus to welcome a wider array of organisations to the event.