Atkins and AERALIS are joining forces to develop a new family of training jet aircraft using a patent-pending modular design.

The duo will design the Basic Trainer and Advanced Trainer which will train cadets through to front-line pilots for the most advanced combat aircraft systems.

"The AERALIS team are looking forward to working with Atkins to build modular aircraft using innovative design processes that will motivate a new generation of young people to train in aerospace engineering, manufacturing and STEM subjects as well as follow careers in aviation," said Tim Davies, AERALIS Strategy Director.

Both training jet aircraft will have a common core fuselage that is fully adaptable. It can use different wings and engines depending on the level of training.


Atkins said it will advise on the design of the jets. They will use a digital twin to explore concepts for the fuselage and its interchangeable components.

The modular design has an 85% commonality in aircraft parts. This is expected to make the acquisition and maintenance costs 30% less than a conventional flight training system

"Our collaboration with AERALIS provides us with a great opportunity to help shape the development of cutting-edge aircraft design," said Dave Clark, Aerospace & Defence Market Director at Atkins.

"Thanks to innovative tools such as a digital twin, we will be able to run virtual tests on the training jets before they are built to drive efficiencies and reduce the risks associated with aircraft design and production."

AERALIS are also currently partnering with THALES to work on the training simulation that will be installed on the jets.

Atkins has previously worked with THALES to deliver systems and safety assurance.

Image credit: AERALIS