Lockheed Martin have awarded a Block 4 Modernization contract to BAE Systems to enhance the offensive and defensive electronic warfare (EW) capabilities of the F-35 Lightning II fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

BAE Systems will modernize its AN/ASQ-239 Electronic Warfare/Countermeasures (EW/CM) system to address emerging threats and maintain U.S. and allied warfighters' ability to safely conduct missions in contested airspace.

"The F-35 will be in service for decades and we're committed to providing our pilots with an AN/ASQ-239 capability that affords a decisive and sustained EW operational advantage," said Deborah Norton, VP of F-35 Solutions at BAE Systems.

BAE Systems has been the EW supplier for the F-35 program for the past 14 years. It has designed and developed the Block 1, Block 2, and Block 3 configurations. It also delivered production units for each of the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) Lots 1-11.

The Block 4 program is a multi-year, multi-contract design and development effort. It will add eleven new capabilities to the EW system.

BAE Systems has delivered more than 500 F-35 AN/ASQ-239 EW/CM shipsets. It is currently matching aircraft production with continual on-time delivery as the program ramps to full-rate production.

BAE Systems has more than 60 years of experience designing, qualifying, delivering and sustaining systems.