PLEXSYS successfully delivered their new flagship product, Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) 7, to Raytheon Australia in support of Air 6500 integration. ASCOT-7 is a dynamic and intuitive Computer-Generated Forces platform used in modeling and simulation environments. With its intuitive user interface, modular and scalable design, and extensible database, ASCOT-7 simplifies the development of complex scenarios.

Along with ASCOT-7, Video Audio Data After Action Review (VADAAR) Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) and sonomarc were integrated into the Raytheon system to support communications simulation and streaming of the situational display from the Warfighter Systems Integration Facility to Raytheon Australia’s Cave Automatic Virtual Environment.

“The depth and functionality of ASCOT-7 is a perfect fit for the Australian warfighter. Years of successful growth and support here made their decision to go with PLEXSYS again an obvious one,” stated Robert Miller, director PLEXSYS Australia. “Raytheon Australia was able to seamlessly integrate ASCOT-7 into their existing C2 system, which also utilizes our communications suite, sonomarc.”