The Latvian Armed Forces have taken ownership of Cubic's multiple integrated laser engagement simulation system (MILES).

Latvia paid E2.7 million for MILES, a multipurpose laser engagement simulation system, through the Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme. The National Guard will primarily use it.

"This modern technology will also enable us to harmonise our training with our NATO allies and make another step towards improved compatibility,” said Latvian Defence Minister Artis Pabriks.

MILES can be attached to military equipment, weapons or tactical vehicles. It records tactical engagement, firing and casualty data during target practice and tactical exercises using training bullets.

Troops use this data in the process of post-drill self-assessment, while combat medics use the real-time data fed into the system to simulate their response to specific battlefield ‘injuries’.

The agreement also provides for training and maintenance services, as well as delivery of testing tools and spare parts.

The United States began supporting Latvia through various military assistance programmes more than two decades ago. The U.S. help Latvian armed forces by supplying equipment crucial for upgrading its capabilities. These include communication systems, night vision equipment and vehicles.