Thales has signed a contract with the Finnish Defence Forces to upgrade its Leopard 2A6FIN main battle tank simulators. This is Thales’s first training & simulation contract for Finland’s land forces.

With the upgraded systems, the Finnish Army will have a state-of-the-art training solution incorporating the latest virtual and multilevel simulation technologies to provide both technical instruction for crewmembers and tactical training at platoon level. The instructor station is designed to supervise up to four exercises at the same time, with up to four vehicles taking part in each exercise. The simulation includes a high-fidelity turret with gunner and commander stations, a co-located driver position and a simulated ammunition loader function.

This contract is a success for Thales’s new AFV Core range of armoured fighting vehicle simulation solutions. AFV Core simulators feature an open, high-reliability, scalable architecture and synthetic environment compliant with the latest international standards.