The European Defence Agency will open a Multinational Helicopter Training Centre (MHTC) in Sintra, Portugal by the end of 2022.

The EDA and 18 of its member states will now develop the technical arrangement (TA) for the MHTC. 

The concept development phase concluded in January and has gained ministerial approval to develop the legally binding Technical Arrangement (TA). The TA will define the objectives, benefits, roles and capabilities of the centre together with agreement on budget allocation.  The first MHTC project meeting will be in September.

The new MHTC will include office space for the technical, administrative and training delivery staff. There will also be space for simulator facilities and a dedicated accommodation block.

In addition, it will develop a more synchronized approach to European helicopter training and will try to coordinate national approaches to drive synergies with NATO doctrine.

Approval for the centre marks the latest milestone in a long line of important helicopter projects managed by the Agency since 2009.  EDA currently hosts three collaborative helicopter programmes, which fill a helicopter training capability gap in Europe and are a key component of operational capacity building.

EDA has managed the three helicopter programmes for over a decade. These will be transferred to the Helicopter Training Centre over the next five years.