Seven ex-military training experts from Inzpire Limited have completed the design and delivery of a major international exercise, COBRA WARRIOR.

Working alongside 92 Squadron based at RAF Waddington and operational analysts embedded with the Air Warfare Centre, Inzpire personnel acted as the white force. The exercise took place from Sept. 1 – 20 and included 50 aircraft and personnel from five nations. Typhoons from the U.K, Germany and Italy, the F35 Lightning II and a B-52 from the USAF. Rotary aircraft and ground personnel from 1 Sqn RAF Regiment were also involved. In addition, the exercise saw Israeli F-15C/D and 707 refuel aircraft flying in U.K airspace for the first time.

As part of the whole force approach, Inzpire’s experts worked closely with the 92 Sqn in designing all the scenarios. They developed a series of complex missions to meet the varying training requirements of the participants.

Prior to the exercise, Inzpire’s collective training division undertook planning tasks to facilitate the exercise. This included the booking of land areas for the use of Surface to Air missile systems, ground troops and support helicopters, booking all airspace required for each mission, creating all support products and briefs for the participants and coordinating personnel from the 11 participating RAF bases.


The exercise management team, comprised of military personnel working alongside Inzpire, guided six-hour-long mission planning processes where all participating military personnel planned how to meet the intent of the commander and achieve the tasks of the mission. Inzpire’s experts and 92 Sqn personnel played a number of crucial roles during the delivery of the exercise to make the environment as real as possible and ensure the participants were fully immersed and received the best training. 

At the conclusion of each mission, Inzpire worked closely alongside the MoD customer to facilitate the crucial de-briefs. To assess whether the mission intent was achieved, every individual element of the Exercise – both air and ground-based – was analysed.

"Our staff have been working extremely hard for the last year on designing the largest exercise COBRA WARRIOR to date," said Rob Hough, Inzpire’s training manager for live delivery.

Inzpire’s Collective Training division has over 10 years’ experience of collective training delivery with the UK Ministry of Defence. The division has designed and delivered over 300 live and synthetic exercises. It has also provided operationally-realistic training to over 10,000 frontline personnel.

Inzpire's Whole Force training for MOD’s Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) at RAF Waddington was a 2019 MS&T awards finalist in the Outstanding Service and Support Program category.