STEMPilot has released SAFEDrone, a 3rd-12th-grade curriculum teaching students to understand classroom engineering, science and math by learning to fly drones. Students from 6th-12th grade can advance to fly small quad-copters in the classroom. Students from 3rd-5th grade can prepare for future flight training on the SAFEDrone simulator. The curriculum includes detailed lesson plans aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.

Students can remain engaged in learning while watching the multi-media videos in each lesson plan, and the most advanced students can design and fly an obstacle course with supplied foam classroom obstacles. All activities are done in the classroom or gym. High school students can advance to prepare for the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Unmanned Commercial Pilot License written exam on any PC with STEMPilot’s partner, King Schools.  Classroom Kits include everything needed to implement this program with 1 – 10 SAFEDrone simulation software and wireless controllers, 5-10 Guarded Prop Quad-Copters, SAFEDrone curriculum and lesson plan, STEMPilot curriculum with lesson plan, 36 pair of safety glasses, 1 Foam Altitude Hold Post, 5 classroom foam obstacles, 16-40 Bulls Eye landing targets, spare batteries, chargers and props.