Colossal Motion, a division of the StratStep Group, has launched a bespoke career advice service to help smaller training providers and ATO’s.

The Career Advisor Service takes a proven model used by the large global Flight Schools and allows smaller training organisations to deliver the same service at an affordable price.

"The CM Customer/Career Advisor team will answer all specified inbound customer queries, including after hours and weekends, helping students get the information they need about training to become a pilot and sharing the benefits of the flight school they have contacted," said Nigel Orme, StratStep Group CEO.

"We can then capture all the analytics the schools need including ROI while guiding the potential student pilot through the registration process which will include real time scheduling of student visits to the flight school."

Colossal Motion (CM) has a background of working for and with large ATO’s and managing their sales and Career Advisor programs. It modified its methodologies to deal with the issues faced by smaller flight schools.

"Numerous smaller or specialised flight schools spend a great deal of time and money marketing their services to attract potential new student pilots," said Kieron Baker, CM Director.

"Yet, when queries come in, they don’t have the time or dedicated staff to ensure that they both capture their marketing ROI, and more importantly, ensure the potential new student becomes a new customer."

This service also includes training/consulting for Flight Schools/ATO’s on how to run Open Days at their location along with individual potential student visits to help secure them as a new customer.