Micro Nav have installed a new approach and radar simulator for AirNav Indonesia. The solution accommodates for the growing needs and demands of the increasingly complex training and operational environment in Indonesia.

Together with PT. Geo Prima, the BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training) ATC simulator was provided. Micro Nav say it is "created by controllers, for controllers."

The BEST installation includes eight controller positions, each with a 2K x 2K display, supported by 12 pseudo pilots, a dedicated data preparation position, and a backup system manager.

Micro Nav supplied the BEST simulator with BEST Talk and BEST Speech capabilities, a number of software enhancements to meet the requirements of AirNav Indonesia, plus a comprehensive training regime for operators and maintenance engineers.

To give AirNav full management of their simulator, the tools contained within the BEST product suite enable trained AirNav Indonesia personnel to make their own configuration changes to amend and modify airspaces, aircraft performance and weather data. It also allowed them to create numerous exercises to suit the training needs of the Jakarta Air Traffic Services Centre. 

AirNav Indonesia can conduct training without the additional need of pseudo pilot personnel, thanks to speech recognition capability. Making training both cost effective and flexible.

This latest installation builds on Micro Nav’s continuous relationship with PT. Geo Prima, having worked together on installations in STPI and Makassar.