FlightLogger have signed up its ninth Swedish customer with Kungsair Training employing its flight training management platform from January.

Based in Norrköping, Kungsair Training offers PPL, CPL, ATPL, IR (SE), IR (ME), IRC and enroute instrument rating. Students can also take multi-engine piston class rating, several additional ratings including aerobatics, instructor courses and type ratings for BE90/200 and BE300/1900.

With the help of FlightLogger, Kungsair can now offer a fully digital experience for all their staff, instructors and students. Training files are available 24/7 with access from any device on and off site.

FlightLogger has over 95 ATOs from 37 countries who have gone digital with its personalized implementation structure. This, the company says, proves that a digital transformation is achievable for all kinds of flight training organizations.