Simthetiq has made its immersive 3D library of 3000+ DIS/HLA compliant models available for Unreal Engine.

Examples of Simthetiq 3D simulation entity models available for use in Unreal Engine applications. Image credit: Simthetiq.

Bringing Simthetiq 3D content to Unreal Engine in a standardized format will offer the latest technological advancements from the Simthetiq modeling pipeline — including advanced shaders and PBRs — for use in applications developed with Unreal.

“Simthetiq is now empowering users to quickly integrate turnkey assets to their simulation applications leveraging the Unreal Engine framework,” said Sébastien Lozé, simulations industry manager at Epic Games.

Simthetiq will be showcasing this content at I/ITSEC 2019 in Orlando, Florida, from December 2-6. Visitors to Simthetiq’s booth will see Simthetiq 3D library models interacting in a series of different simulation environments — including the Unreal Engine. Elements of the library will also be demonstrated live at the Unreal Engine booth (#2161) at I/ITSEC with a first look at nDisplay technology.