Varjo released its Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition headset this fall (announced in May 2019, but not released to the market yet). Prior to the announcement of the XR-1, Varjo selected FoxGuard Solutions to design a small-form computer that would meet the hardware/software requirements of the XR-1 headset.

The computer, designed by FoxGuard and certified by Varjo's engineers to run the XR-1, is called the Simitar BANTAM II. The BANTAM II will be showcased at the I/ITSEC trade show from December 2nd to 6th in the FoxGuard booth #2068 and the Varjo booth #1393.

Not only is FoxGuard Solutions building computers to support the XR-1, but FoxGuard also became part of Varjo's US resellers in September 2019. The expansion of Varjo's reseller network ensures Varjo is better able to actively reach and support customers and partners across North America.

"FoxGuard's Bantam II system is ideally suited and tested for the XR-1 Developer Edition, providing both high-performance graphics and a Thunderbolt interface supporting streaming, high-resolution video see-through capability needed for mixed-reality training applications," said John Burwell, Global Lead for Simulation and Training at Varjo.

“The XR-1 headset, powered by the BANTAM II, provides our warfighters with a fully immersive training environment that also comes in a small space efficient solution," said Patrick Patterson, FoxGuard's Chief Strategy Officer.