VT MAK announced the demonstration of a synthetic training environment composed of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software from the MAK ONE suite at I/ITSEC from 2 to 5 December 2019. The demonstration will highlight the capability of MAK simulation products in meeting requirements of a large variety of training systems in all domains. Taking place at VT MAK’s booth (#1322), the demonstration will enable attendees to participate in a tactical exercise and learn the modularity and comprehensiveness of the MAK ONE platform.

This year, MAK ONE was selected by the U.S. Army to meet the operational requirements of the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Common Synthetic Environment (CSE). It was also selected by Boeing Defence UK as a core technology for the Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) (DOTC(A)) Core System and Services (DCS&S) contract. These examples illustrate two very different ways that MAK ONE can be integrated into a customer’s solution — the applications can be used directly as system components or the core technologies can be integrated to build custom applications within the customer’s specific architecture.

The MAK ONE demonstration at I/ITSEC will include the ability to cohesively set up and manage the training scenario, simulate all the training roles, as well as record and present the results. VR-Engage, VT MAK’s multi-role virtual simulator, will have a central role in the integrated training system. It will be used to play first-person roles of driver, gunner, dismounted soldier, commander, pilot, and sensor operator.

VT MAK will be demonstrating performance advancements, improved scalability, and new capabilities developed this year across their product suite at six different stations. The MAK ONE suite is also hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to illustrate the accessibility of MAK products through cloud deployment. New scalability prototypes will also be showcased. VR-Vantage IG will be running on a large screen and will display the latest, scenes from VR-Vantage IG, as well as support for the latest Common Image Generator Interface protocol and host control. The VR-Engage station will feature a demonstration of VT MAK’s support for head mounted displays, so visitors can learn how VR-Vantage and VR-Engage facilitate users in developing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality applications.

VT MAK will be holding a seminar on Tuesday, 3 December from 9-11 am at the Rosen Center, Salon 1. Danny Williams will discuss VT MAK’s participation in the CSE portion of the US Army’s STE program, while Pete Swan will describe how MAK ONE will be used in the UK MOD’s DCS&S project. Next, VT MAK’s Vice President of Products, Jim Kogler, will share what VT MAK has accomplished this year as well as what is in store for the future.

Danny Williams will be presenting at the Innovation Showcase on Wednesday, 4 December, at 9:30 am. The subject of his talk will be MAK ONE, and how its capabilities and architecture are used as a foundation to meet the needs of the U.S. Army’s STE CSE.