NH90 Sea Lion Germany Navy
CAE Elektronik GmbH has been awarded a contract to develop a comprehensive NH90 Sea Lion training solution for the German Navy at Nordholz.

CAE Elektronik GmbH has signed a contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) to provide the German Navy with a comprehensive training solution for the NH90 Sea Lion helicopter.

The German Navy is procuring a fleet of 18 NH90 Sea Lion helicopters to support search and rescue (SAR) operations and replace the venerable Sea King MK41 helicopter, which has been in operation for them for over 40 years.  The German Navy NH90 Sea Lion training solution will be based near German Naval Airbase Nordholz, which is the home of the German Naval Air Command.

“CAE has a long history supporting German naval aviation training at Nordholz on platforms such as the Sea King and Lynx helicopters as well as P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft,” said Niels Kröning, General Manager, CAE Elektronik GmbH.

Under terms of the contract, CAE will design and manufacture a suite of NH90 Sea Lion training devices for the German Navy, including:

  • NH90 full-mission simulator capable of compliance to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Level D qualification, the highest for flight simulators;
  • NH90 cockpit procedures trainer;
  • NH90 operational tactics trainer for training rear-crew tactical coordinators (TACCO) and sensor operators, and capable of networking with the full-mission simulator to provide full-crew mission training;
  • NH90 winch and hoist operator trainer, which will also be capable of networking to other NH90 training devices for full-crew training.

German Naval Airbase

CAE will also construct an interim training facility, just outside the main entrance to German Naval Airbase Nordholz, and provide on-site training support and maintenance services upon delivery.  The new NH90 Sea Lion training system is expected to be operational by the second half of 2022.

NH90 Sea Lion Germany Navy
Peter Dohmen (left), General Manager of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, and Niels Kröning (right), General Manager, CAE Elektronik GmbH.

"The German Navy will now join the German Army and other countries including Australia, the Netherlands, Qatar, New Zealand and others in partnering with CAE to provide the training systems and support required to prepare their NH90 aircrews," said Marc-Olivier Sabourin, Vice President and General Manager, Defence & Security International, CAE

The NH90 full-mission simulator for the German Navy will feature a range of CAE’s core simulation technologies. These technologies include: six degree-of-freedom (DOF) electric motion system; high-performance vibration platform to replicate vibration cues critical to helicopter pilots; and a high-fidelity CAE Medallion-6000 image generator. The NH90 training devices will also feature the Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB) architecture, an international standard for the creation of synthetic environment databases that has been adopted on a range of German Armed Forces training systems.