Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. was awarded a AUD $4,840,720.04 (approximately USD $3,300,000) contract by the Australia Department of Defence to deliver hardware, software and technical data package upgrades to their Kratos Maintenance Blended Reconfigurable Aviation Trainers (MBRATs) and CH-47F Chinook Avionics Trainer (CAT).

Image credit: Kratos

The CH-47F CAT is a high-fidelity Hands On Training System (HOTS) that provides full-task training through simulation of all avionics sub-systems and aircraft survivability equipment in an integrated configuration within a fully immersive physical environment. The CH-47F MBRAT blends a virtual immersive environment and spatial physical awareness with established CH-47F Chinook simulation software.

The enhanced MBRAT training capabilities enable the end user to increase student training throughput by enabling new training tasks to be performed on the upgraded MBRAT trainers and the CH-47F CAT simultaneously.

The CAT and MBRATs have enabled the Australian Department of Defence to establish a local CH-47F Chinook maintenance training center of excellence for the Australian military. Previously, maintenance training had been conducted in the United States, but with Kratos MBRATs and CAT, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is now self-sufficient in this regard.

“As the global demand for training continues to increase, Kratos is expanding its training footprint to support the demanding and complex training requirements of the U.S. and its allies worldwide by applying advanced technologies like those incorporated in the MBRAT and CAT,” said Jose Diaz, Senior Vice President of Kratos Training Solutions.