Leonardo has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Naples "Federico II" to launch the Aerotech Academy, an advanced training course on leading engineering issues.

The course takes place from March to December 2020 on the Leonardo site in Pomigliano d'Arco at the Aerotech Campus. It will provide skills and operational competence that can be immediately used in advanced technology industrial sectors.

The Aerotech Academy will offer an interdisciplinary path that combines and integrates advanced research topics with applications to the manufacturing industry through innovative teaching and learning methodologies.

The Neapolitan university recognize the training, conducted by university professors and experts from Leonardo in English. The full time course spans nine months, including six months of research and study in the classroom. The other three months involve the analysis, application and evolution of case studies of work experiences.

The Aerotech Academy’s didactic 2020 program has three strands; core technologies of aerostructures, industry 4.0 and digitalization and challenges for new generation aircraft.