Charles River Analytics Inc. has received funding from DARPA under the OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program to develop our Ecological User Interfaces for Rapid Operational Teaming with Autonomous Swarms (EUROPA) interface. EUROPA aims to help operators better control swarms in urban operations by providing novel, multimodal user interfaces tailored to tactical operational environments.

Image credit: Charles River Analytics

“Currently, operators are performing an extremely challenging task, especially in dynamic urban environments,” said Stephanie Kane, Senior Scientist at Charles River Analytics and Principal Investigator on the EUROPA effort. “Operators must quickly understand how the swarm’s current behavior relates to overall mission success, and accurately determine where to give additional direction. EUROPA is a new swarm interface concept designed to make operator-drone teaming easier.”

“EUROPA includes advanced multimodal interfaces, such as visual augmented reality, body-worn haptics, and audio modalities,” added Dr. Michael Jenkins, Senior Scientist at Charles River. “These interfaces support novel gesture, speech, and gaze-based interactions, giving swarm tacticians a tailored approach to direct and team with swarms.”