British Army’s Wiltshire-based 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment has received a new Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS).

This IWTS training system replicates complex urban structures and helps improve combat training for military and law enforcement.

Using the system, users can design, plan, build temporary urban structures and train in any terrain, and in any location.

The completely portable structure is easily movable. Survitec launched it to the European market last year. Survitec and Battlefield Sim reached an exclusive licensing agreement for IWTS in early 2018.

In the US, the product is already in use with contracts received recently from the US Air Force. They are also in use with British Royal Air Force, Australian Army and Austrian Army.

Unlike stable and steady structures, the inflatable walls of this training system can build a temporary structure according to the needs of the training session. Additionally, it allows the soldiers to quickly adapt to surroundings.

Also, IWTS is compatible and certified to use with non-lethal training ammunition company, Simunition. Simunition augments training opportunities by allowing the integration of training aids such as IWTS systems.

The inflatable training area has been combined and tested with Simunition at the regiment’s barracks in Bulford. Junior commanders conducted a low-level urban skill training using the combination.

The Mercian Regiment, which specialises in urban warfare, was to use IWTS along with three other affiliated regiments. However, the successful demonstration of the product means IWTS will roll out across the Field Army.