The National Center for Simulation (NCS), located in Orlando, Florida, announced that Mary Trier, president and CEO of Capital Communications and Consulting, LLC, has been installed as the chair of the NCS board. In addition to Trier, three other board officers advanced: Terry Kohl (Leidos) as vice chair; John Givens (Bohemia Interactive Simulations) as treasurer; and Janet Spruill (APTIMA, Inc.) as secretary for the 2020-22 term. A full list of the board of directors is on the NCS website.

Pictured from left to right: Mary Trier, Terry Kohl, John Givens and Janet Spruill. Image credit: NCS

“With the growth and diversification that we’re seeing in the modeling and simulation industry, our board is focused on ensuring continued collaboration between the many industries that can share or benefit from these technologies,” said Trier.

Late last year, NCS began a review of its strategy and goals. Led by its president and CEO, George Cheros, the organization is postured to reshape and grow its role in the modeling, simulation, and training industry.

“At the start the year, guided by our new executive committee, we focused on fine-tuning the organization's goals and strategy for growth and leadership. I’m extremely happy with our board’s commitment and know they are working diligently to further develop NCS – our mission, our goals, and the benefits we offer to our members,” Cheros said.