A new version of MANTIS, Quantum3D’s flagship real time image generator product, is available. MANTIS 3.5.0’s ambition is to push the limits of today’s powerful RTX Quadro GPUs. Recent updates on MANTIS 3.5.0 will achieve 4K 60Hz/120/Hz fluid realistic simulation environment on highly detailed terrain.

Image credit: Quantum3D

Some of the new features include OpenVR plugin to allow use of MANTIS in AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) headsets such as HTC Vive, and WildFire plugin provides support for aerial firefighting simulation and training. It enables visualization and progression of large scale wildfires.

A new generation Independence IDX image generator, powered by MANTIS, provides 8 channel 4K/60Hz output from one rendering unit. For more complex applications, the upcoming top tier IDX 9000 will drive 24 channels at 4K/60Hz output from single 18U cabinet.

These developments mean its customers will be getting more value and performance for both simple and more complex visual systems in the simulation and training Industry.