Presagis has released the OpenFlight to Unreal Engine (O2U) import tool. Currently available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace at no cost, the O2U tool allows users to leverage OpenFlight format (.flt) content into Unreal.

Image credit: Presagis

Through the O2U tool, content creators are able to convert and import OpenFlight models, terrains, and scenes to the Datasmith format, thereby making them available for import into Unreal Engine.

“To know that the massive amounts of OpenFlight content and data created using our products can be quickly and easily imported into a premiere real-time such as Unreal Engine is a testament to how Presagis continues to respond to the market’s needs and our customers’ workflows,” explains Jean-Michel Brière, President of Presagis.

OpenFlight is the native file format of Creator and is the de facto standard 3D file format for modeling and simulation. The customizable extension capabilities of the OpenFlight format provide a common ground for a diverse user community and a mechanism to save and reuse objects or environments for future projects.

“Our vision encompasses a stronger engagement with, and towards, the simulation community. Data formats are like languages in that if we are to work together, we need to adhere to the same standards. Welcoming OpenFlight in the Unreal Engine creation pipeline allows simulation experts to reuse an incredible volume of legacy content and gain time building their next generation solutions,” said Sebastien Loze, Simulations Industry Manager, Epic Games.

The O2U importer tool is currently available from the Unreal Engine Marketplace, as well as the Presagis website at no charge.