Barco is welcoming individuals to one of its upcoming free virtual classroom sessions.

In knowledge and technology-based economies, teaching and learning are the foundations of future progress. But the digital revolution means that virtual real-time and face-to-face training is very much growing and has a big role to play in case of travel restrictions or even in times of severe weather, political unrest or health crises such as COVID-19.

At the moment, remote teaching still often happens with videoconferencing systems instead of dedicated teaching and learning platforms. Videoconferencing tools typically allow less engagement between a teacher and students, the interactive possibilities are mainly one-directional and, most of all, these platforms require teachers to do a lot of adaptations in their content and workflow in order to convey their message.

A platform built for training should meet three criteria. It should: provide the best teacher and student experience, require minimal changes in content and workflow, and maintain engagement with the students.

Barco's free 45 minute-session gives insight into the future of learning and the possibilities of Barco’s real-time distance learning platform weConnect. Register for a virtual seat here.