Micro Nav recently provided BAE Systems, Warton, UK with an upgrade to their existing ATC radar simulator. The ATC function at BAE Systems, Warton services a unique mix of civil, military and test flying.

The upgrade consisted of a complete hardware refresh and an upgrade to the latest version of the BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training) ATC simulation software. The installed device is Micro Nav’s single-solution BEST simulator, complete with BEST Radar and BEST Link.

BAE Systems, Warton received two BEST positions, one operating as the Supervisor/Pseudo Pilot, and the other acting as BEST Interface Manager.

The BEST Interface Manager fully integrates BEST with their Indra NOVA 9000 Air Traffic Control System equipment which is a replica of their operational environment.

The simulator is used to ensure controllers top up currency hours, where required, in addition to completing their procedural training.