The next VR/AR Association Webinar will be presented on May 12th at 1pm EST,  hosted by the Central Florida Chapter and the Aerospace Committee.

The use of mixed reality in enterprise and government is growing rapidly as new technologies, such as the Hololens 2, and improved software tools have enabled new applications and services to be developed. The US Department of Defense (DoD) is investing heavily in the development of mixed reality for a broad variety of applications in support of mission areas.

In this webinar attendees will hear from Alison Fehling of Microsoft, representatives from the United States Air Force, Matt Fedorovich from Insight Public Sector, John Cunningham and Scott Ariotti from The DiSTI Corporation, and Matt Johnston and Scott Beck from Design Interactive, Inc. Attendees will hear how the DoD is considering the Hololens 2 in support of use cases spanning training and materiel maintenance, as well as highlighted security-related considerations for wide-scale adoption of the Hololens 2 across the DoD. Fehling will also provide a Hololens 2 product update and features on the road map.

Attendees can also take part in a Q&A session.