SZENARIS has installed the world’s first highly immersive team training platform in Indonesia. The future operators of the amphibious vehicle M3 from General Dynamics European Land Systems-Bridge Systems will be trained holistically with the system.

At the beginning, the participants learn the theoretical basics using eLearning, they then drive the amphibious vehicles individually on land and in the water. This is followed by the training of the land-water and water-land transition.

Virtual team training trains the interaction of several amphibious vehicles for the construction of ferries and bridges. The so-called raft commander, equipped with a VR headset, gives his commands by hand signals.

Only when the participants have shown virtually that they can safely operate the vehicle and can construct ferries as a team, are they allowed to move the 28-ton vehicles in real practice.

The first participants were enthusiastic about the training system and the associated “safe” realistic virtual training. The main contractor of the full bridging amphibious system, Excalibur Army from the Czech Republic, is carrying out the first training in Indonesia.