The DiSTI Corporation has been selected by the US Army to upgrade the C-RAM LPWS Operator and Maintainer Trainer (OMT). This project is a simulation system used to train US Army soldiers in operation and maintenance of the Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) Land-Based Phalanx Weapon System (LPWS).

In October 2018, DiSTI completed a US Army contract for the design, development, and testing of numerous electronic classrooms and training application software for the C-RAM LPWS and OMT. The training application software was developed using DiSTI’s VE Studio Virtual Training Development Platform networked electronic classroom Instructor Station, database-driven simulation engine, and lesson engine supporting tutorial, interactive practice, and assessment modes.

“We are honored to have been selected by the US Army to upgrade the C-RAM Virtual Operations and Maintenance Trainer,” says John Cunningham, CRO of DISTI. “The use of virtual technologies to train operators and maintainers continues to deliver real benefits to our military and commercial customers. Because the C-RAM was originally developed using DiSTI’s VE Studio Common Core Architecture, the enhancements can be completed in a much more cost-effective and timely manner than traditional hand-coding practices.”

Due to changes in the tactical device with accompanying changes in the Technical Manuals associated with the C-RAM, a technology refresh to remain concurrent was required. As the trainer’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the U.S. Army selected DiSTI to perform the Operator and Maintainer upgrade.

The currently fielded and utilized systems will be technology refreshed, and a set of classroom equipment will be delivered and installed to support the training requirements for soldiers assigned to Air Defense Artillery (ADA) units. This solution will allow the US Army to define curriculum, utilize advanced immersive training technologies while adapting a standardization for future training needs.