Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ training team continues to host free VBS3 webinars to help customers get the most out of their VBS3 experience. The webinar series is now on to week 6, with hour-long webinars taking place each Tuesday and Thursday.

Week 6, Fire Support in VBS3 — Simulating the Big Guns, will demonstrate Call for Fire features currently available in VBS. The session, led by Richard Brake, a former U.S. Air Force JTAC and current BISim project manager, will demonstrate VBS Call for Fire features in VBS3. Richard was a key subject matter expert in its development. Week 6 webinars will take place on Tuesday, May 19th and Thursday, May 21st.

Talk about Topography — Maps and Terrains in VBS, the topic for Week 7, will be led by BISim senior trainers Richard Kissel and Trevor Smith, and will introduce VBS3 users to some basic Visitor 4 (V4) Terrain Generation processes and tips to get users started building effective terrains quickly. Something to note: terrains built in V4 can be later processed and transferred to VBS4. Week 7 webinars will take place on Tuesday, May 26th and Thursday, May 28th.

The VBS3 Webinar Series in Week 8 takes a deep dive into the topic, Immediate Performance Feedback with After Action Review. Richard and Trevor will show some tips and tricks to automate starting and stopping the AAR dynamically through triggers, inserting bookmarks automatically at key points in time to quickly navigate to relevant training positions and inspect other key features AAR has to offer. Week 8 webinars will take place on Tuesday, June 2nd and Thursday, June 4th.

The exact times each week are:

Europe: Tuesdays 2:30 pm Central European Summer Time

The Americas: Tuesdays 1:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time (10 am Pacific)

APAC: Thursdays 3:30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

To register for any of the upcoming webinars, please visit the BISim website.