Over the next three days MS&T will report on the Training & Simulation Industry Symposium (TSIS) 2020, starting Tuesday with the Air Force Day followed by the Navy Day Wednesday and Army/Marine Corps Day Thursday. 

Due to be held June 17-18 at the Rosen Centre Hotel Orlando the event was moved online due to COVID-19 and held over three days. The annual symposium provides an opportunity for industry and academia to hear from military leaders and procurement officials of the current and future plans for simulation and training products and services across the US armed services. Traditionally the event allows for networking and interaction in person and to an extent this was moved online with the ability to ask questions ahead of and during the presentations.  Exhibitors and sponsors were also able to reach their audience though logos and videos successfully delivered over the MobileRider platform.

There were over 725 participants and the presentations can be downloaded here

Congratulations to NTSA for transitioning the event online and delivering such rich and valuable content without any significant technical hitches. NTSA also announced that I/ITSEC 2020 will be held in person in Orlando, FL on November 30th - December 4th.

Look out for our TSIS reports on our website over the next three days.